What a beautiful spring day! After a LONG winter I finally got the horses out and enjoyed a brief ride. My Friesian-Cross mare, Valkerie, looks so pretty with her long black mane and she just shines in the sunlight. My Warmblood-Cross gelding, George, is super dirty, but enjoyed a quick trot with my daughter and I. She even braided his mane today.

I cannot wait for more daylight hours to spend more time with them. These horses are the apple of my eye. Valkerie is such a big, gentle, teddy bear. We call George our big Labrador. He is huge and has a playful side.

These are the first horses we have ever had, and though it is a lot of hard work, the payoff is having two remarkable animals that enjoy spending time with us. I think they are teaching us more than we are teaching them 🙂





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