Pleasure Points

I began 2016 with very few resolutions. I am a work in progress, so making goals is almost a daily thing. Coming up with year-long goals just because it is a new year usually doesn’t work so well for me.

However, one of my goals this year is to experience pleasure at least once a day. What is the point, if you cannot enjoy life? Pleasure can come in many forms. For me it is usually time to read, or listen to music, or cook for the family, kissing my horses on their velvety soft noses or getting a big hug from someone I love.

I am sharing my pleasure point with you today. I had a few minutes to go for a walk. I haven’t gone out in a while because of life being so busy with the holidays and such. But I love my walks. It is so peaceful in my neck of the woods (actually, the high plains). The snow has begun to fall and it is so quiet. Here is my view:

2016-01-07 09.06.20

Happy Thursday!


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